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Worldwide Import & Export

SCAA IMPORT LIMITED acts as an intermediary at the local, national, and international level for import and export of various products:

• Tools & Novelties

• Artisanal

• Manufacturers

• Heavy Duty Machinery

Consultation service Services that we offer:

• Finance • Book Keeping

• Marketing

• Coaching & Mentoring

• Import/Export

• Information Technology

• Business Assistance

• Waste Recycling

We offer consulting services to import/export companies seeking to develop their own markets and to win new ones. Thus, we propose a service of accompaniment to lead your company to extend its offer of products and services both nationally and internationally. We are committed to rigorously monitor the realization of each of your projects.

Our professional advisers offer a support personalized for the persons in charge to lead them to reach their objectives. SCAA IMPORT LIMITED works as a partner with your company to achieve the desired results.

Negotiating partnerships SCAA IMPORT LIMITED works with different companies of international repute. We can then give you the access to a vast network of business, which could bring you towards new outlets. Also, we can carry out companies which work in complementary branches of industry to negotiate partnerships for thus increasing their visibility on the worldwide markets. In addition, if need be, we can also support you in the search for required funds to the achievement of your project.


SCAA IMPORT LIMITED commits to provide a supportive measure that goes beyond your expectations. Towards global markets Globalization has had major effects on the worldwide economy. Thus, for a company to remain competitive, it must go out to conquer global markets. In this context, SCAA IMPORT LIMITED assists you in search of new openings which will enable you to bore the most competing markets. It helps you therefore to seek business opportunities to be seized in connection with your goals. Moreover, we can participate actively in the search of subcontractors complying with the standards and laws in force. This in order to maximize efficiencies through economies of scale. Expansion of markets As a multicultural company, SCAA IMPORT LIMITED will open international doors while promoting a intercultural management.

For Canadian companies we support the entire process, from seeking new customers, establishing agreements sales to the delivery of goods. As for foreign companies, we are also looking for new clients, prospecting in new markets and importing the products. Our team is made of experts on international business. It is committed to provide the necessary support to develop and see your business flourish in new markets. SCAA IMPORT LIMITED is so to speak your footbridge towards the international markets.

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Address: 2949 - 17th Ave. SE., SUITE #208, Calgary, AB, CAN, T2A 0P7

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